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Bohuslän/ West Sweden
Welcome to Bohuslän/ West Sweden

In Bohuslän along the Swedish West Coast you can experience almost everything Swedish nature has to offer. There is the World Heritage Tanums rock carvings and the beautiful archipelago with Kosterhavet, Sweden's first Maritime National Park and the deep forests and lakes of the inland. - A miniature Sweden

There are a numbers of natural and cultural experiences in Bohuslän available year round, you can walk or ride in a World Heritage Site, or take a trip on a canoe, either on a lake or in the ocean, or participate in a seal safari, lobster fishing, etc.
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Odsherred, Denmark
Welcome to Odsherred's unique landscape and the story of the Land of the Sun.

Since the last Ice Age, a landscape of international significance and interest has been taking shape. A natural environment has developed, influencing the lives of the population, generating stories and creating artistic impressions.

Now, as then, Odsherred is distinguished by its inlets and coves, as well as the Sejerø Bay, the Kattegat and the Isefjord. Dragsholm Castle, once the palace of the Roskilde bishops, dominates the landscape.

In the 19th century, sizeable areas of inland water were reclaimed to make agricultural land, forming the basis for the specialised production on the Lammefjord of crops like potatoes, asparagus and carrots.

Along today's coastline is one of Denmark's largest concentrations of summer cottages, with some 26,000 holiday homes making Odsherred an attractive summer destination.

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Nebra, Germany
Welcome to the land of the Nebra Sky Disc.
Embedded between vineyards and river valleys, the Saale-Unstrut region enchants with the greatest density of archaeological cultural monuments throughout Germany. The homeland of the 3,600 year-old Sky Disc is an insider’s tip for all aficionados who get enthusiastic about culture and history.

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